Hi, I am Fernando Cueto

full-stack developer

Here we have a picture of Fernando smiling on Toronto

What I do

Backend Development

Translating your complex business logics into fast, secure and maintainable code.

Custom websites or services development with PHP (Laravel), C# or Go and integrations with any SaaS platform or API.

Frontend Development

Building your awesome product from a visual concept to a fully functional application.

Sketch integrations in Boostrap or plain HTML/CSS and modern single page apps development with VueJS or React.

My Work

Who I am

Fullstack developer based on Colombia

I am a Fullstack developer with industry experience building software and web applications. I have professional experience working with PHP (Laravel), .Net Core (C# and Visual Basic), Go, and JavaScript. I also have experience working with HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Git, and Github. I'm passionate about all the processes of both Front-End and Back-End

I am located in Colombia, and I am fluent in English. Thanks to modern communications tools like Slack, Zoom or Teams, I can collaborate with clients around the globe and help them translate their business goals to reality.

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My Skills

  • Visual Basic logo Visual Basic
  • C sharp logo C#
  • Dot Net Framework logo .NET Framework
  • Dot Net Core logo .NET Core
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • JavaScript
  • VueJS
  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Golang logo Go
  • Git/Github
  • AWS

My Work

A selection of my range of work


Web application for request construction permissions in Colombia according to the current urban and legal code.

Real time Messenger-API

Web application for send and receive messages between two logged users. It allows create groups, send invitations and manage profile information.

Signature Notification

Application with fingerprint capture through Digital Persona reader device and signature capture through Wacom STU-530 device.

C sharp logo Dot Net Core logo


Software for managing the entire process of requiring and obtaining a formal building permit in Colombia according to the Colombian Building Code. Currently upgrading to web app with Laravel.

Visual Basic logo Dot Net Framework logo


Web app for documents reception, loading of attachments, assignment of employees in charge, it prints a label as a proof through Dymo Labelwriter 450 printer.


Web app for registering information from condos including family members, vehicles, pets.